2017 Chrysler Pacifica vs. 2018 Honda Odyssey

Minivans are a great choice for people with large families or for those who need a lot of extra room. The best minivans can seat up to 8 people comfortably or can have the extra seats collapsed, leaving a ton of room for cargo. Whatever the reason, minivans are a popular choice for many in the Richmond, New Baltimore and Detroit areas. With so many to choose from, though, how do you know which is right for you?Chrysler Pacifica richmond mi

With this helpful comparison, we’ve put two of the best minivans against each other. The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica and the 2018 Honda Odyssey both have a lot to offer, but only one can be right for you. Discover the differences between the new Chrysler Pacifica and the 2018 Honda Odyssey, and learn which of these incredible minivans is right for you.


If you’re planning on driving your children around in your new minivan, their safety is paramount. Fortunately, whether you choose the Pacifica or the Odyssey, passengers are going to be safe. Both models performed spectacularly in crash safety tests. However, the Pacifica includes a free year of Uconnect Access. This system can detect when you’re in an accident and can call for help automatically. You can also control it with your voice if you need to convey specific information. The Odyssey can’t offer the same.

The best way to stay secure, however, is to prevent accidents altogether. With advanced driver assistance features, you get an edge on the road. Both minivans have plenty of safety alerts, like the Odyssey’s sensing system, which can scan around the vehicle for danger. The Pacifica can do the same, but with the addition of a 360-degree camera giving you a live feed of everything around you.


If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard the dreaded “I’m bored” statement that preludes to a half hour of complaints. With the Pacifica, you’ll never have to hear those words again. The same Uconnect system that calls for help during an accident can also act as a theater. Through the screens on the back of the seats, rear passengers can enjoy a wide variety of activities like movies, video games and more.

While the Pacifica exceeds with rear seat entertainment, the Odyssey heavily advertises their HondaVAC, which can clean crumbs away from almost all parts of the vehicle. The Pacifica also has a built in vacuum called Stow ‘n Vac. Unlike the Odyssey, the Stow ‘n Vac is incredibly powerful and can reach every last corner of the van.Pacifica richmond mi


The most obvious advantage of the Pacifica over the Odyssey is its hybrid capability. The impressive plug-in Pacifica Hybrid can reach a max distance of 33 miles on a single charge. You might not even go 33 miles a day, so you’ll hardly ever need gas if you remember to plug it in every night. The Odyssey hybrid version is nonexistent — it’s sadly not even an option.

The Odyssey’s EPA-estimated 22 mpg combined is impressive, but the Pacifica still excels since the hybrid doesn’t need gas for 33 miles. Even when it does need to use gas, it gets an EPA-estimated 10 miles more per gallon.

Test Drive the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica reigns supreme over the Odyssey in every way that matters. The best way to understand all the Pacifica can offer you is to experience it for yourself. If you live in the Richmond, New Baltimore or Detroit areas, come down to Dick Huvaere’s Richmond Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for a Chrysler Pacifica for sale near you. Our expert team is happy to offer all the help and knowledge you need to make the right choice. Visit us or call (586) 690-7088 to schedule your test drive today!