Lease return Richmond VA
Lease return Richmond VA

Lease Return Center
As the end of your lease approaches, you may wonder what the process is to return it. We want lessees from Richmond, New Baltimore, and Detroit, Michigan, to be well-informed before they bring the car to our lease return center. That way, you’ll successfully return the car to Dick Huvaeres Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) and be well on your way to your next ride.
What to Do Before Returning Your Lease
Usually, around 90 days before the lease expiration, you’ll receive notice that the date is coming up. During this time, it’s best to schedule an independent inspection to make sure that your leased car is up to speed with service. You should also use this time to figure out what you’re going to do next.
You could return your leased car, shop for a new car, and then sign up for a new lease. Or you can choose another car in the lineup or one of our other brands and lease that car.
If you’ve been ecstatic about the car, you could stick with it. When the lease ends, you’ll apply for a loan, which will cover the remaining cost.
Some drivers may prefer to forgo the lease and seek out other finance options. You may even decide to find a different brand.

Lease Return
Taking Care of Your Leased Car
While you’re in charge of your leased car, you should be caring for your car and making sure that it stays in good shape. Stay on target for regular maintenance tasks and any issues that may arise with your car.
Before you return the lease, you must set up an inspection. The inspectors will look for specific car issues, so it’s helpful to know what they are.
  • Exterior dents and dings
  • Cracked windows or windshields
  • Worn-out tires
  • Ripped or stained upholstery
Make sure that you keep these areas in good condition, so you can avoid any fees that could result. An inspector will include any infractions they detect during their inspection.
Lease Fees
Which Lease Fees Must Be Paid?
Issues beyond the condition of your car could also arise. Let’s go over them now, so you’re aware and can prevent them if possible.
You know that with a lease, you must adhere to the established mileage restrictions. If you go past the designated mileage, you may be responsible for the overages.
If you choose to buy your leased Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ram 1500, you may be faced with a purchase option fee. Generally, this will occur if you return your leased car to a dealership other than the one where you originally leased your vehicle. The original dealer will not collect this type of fee.
In the middle of the lease, you may realize that you want out. If you choose to go this route, you may be responsible for a termination fee. This fee applies to the cost associated with the dealer making room for the return of your car.

Bring Your Car to Our Lease Return Center
Knowing what you need to do to return your lease to our lease return center will prepare you for the inevitable. After you’ve enjoyed driving the car around Richmond, New Baltimore, and Detroit, MI, you’ll be aware of exactly what to do and how the experience will end. If you’re turning in your lease, contact our lease return center at Dick Huvaeres CDJR.

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